I began representing the THIEL Loudspeaker brand toward the end of 2003, however my relationship and love affair with the products stemmed from a mid-1980s encounter while working at an independent HiFi shop called Audio Den in Burlington, Vermont. The magical qualities of these speakers coincided beautifully with the idyllic, simple life I was leading in my early 20s. From the moment I heard the speakers, I knew they were special. The dimensionality, placement of instruments, and imaging characteristics were like nothing else I had experienced. It wasn’t that they were perfect—no loudspeaker is flawless—but they delivered a level of immersive detail and balanced resolution that was infectious. And they were constructed quite beautifully using stunning real wood finishes and sculpted baffles.  

I was very fortunate to gain a broad perspective of the consumer electronics space thanks to my stint as an editor at AudioVideo International that I enjoyed from 2000-2002. From this brand-agnostic vantage point, I identified an opportunity to provide Business-to-Business (B to B) marketing and PR support services to small and mid-sized companies as well as startups in the audio/video/consumer electronics markets. My concept was to first work within each brand to solidify and craft messaging, articulate key concepts using accessible language, and disseminate this content throughout the trade. The objective was to increase brand visibility, stature, and enthusiasm, reaching the critical dealer network responsible for presenting the products to consumers.  

In 2003, my first official manufacturer client was the car audio division of Boston Acoustics. Later that year, I reached out to my friends at THIEL and shared my business plan, goals, and strategies. They were excited for me and intrigued by what potential benefits I could bring to the THIEL brand. We commenced a working relationship that lasted for over a decade, including countless colorful adventures filled with larger-than-life personalities, new product introductions, tradeshows across the land, and product review management. Every day was different for me in this dynamic role—each moment more exciting than the last. As I reflect back across two decades in business, I realize how fortunate I have been to associate with so many fine people as well as a glowing roster of companies driven by a passionate resolve to distinguish themselves by bringing better solutions to their customers.