James Loudspeaker



James Loudspeaker Expands the SPL3-Series Fixed-Width Sound Bar Lineup to Accommodate 75-inch TVs 12/05/2018
James Loudspeaker™ Appoints the MRL Company as Independent Reps for the Upper Midwest Region 11/01/2018
James Loudspeaker Names Online AV as Independent Reps for Ohio, West Virginia, Western Pennsylvania, Indiana, Kentucky and Michigan 10/25/2018
James Loudspeaker Unveils Two Compact High-Performance Boundary Speakers 06/26/2018
James Loudspeaker™ Joins Azione Unlimited 03/14/2018
James Loudspeaker Unveils 2.1 Format LR-S Sound Bars 01/23/2018
James Loudspeaker Calls Out Top Performing Independent Sales Reps for 2017 01/18/2018
James Loudspeaker Unveils Groundbreaking Architectural Speaker 12/13/2017
James Loudspeaker Joins the Cinema Designer Database 12/01/2017
James Loudspeaker Introduces Three Omni Planter Outdoor Loudspeakers 11/16/2017
James Loudspeaker Introduces 63SA-8HO.8 High-Output Small Aperture Architectural Speaker for Narrow Construction 10/26/2017
James Loudspeaker Unveils Ultra High-Performance Q-Series Floor-Standing Speakers to Suit Any Decor 07/24/2017
James Loudspeaker™ Appoints Pulse Cinemas as their U.K. Distributor 04/13/2017
James Loudspeaker™ Appoints New York Marketing Team 03/03/2017
James Loudspeaker™ Redesigns QXC Mounting System Making Upside-down Ceiling Installations Nearly Effortless 02/20/2017
James Loudspeaker Selects River City Sales as Manufacturer’s Sales Rep for Midwest Region 01/30/2017
James Loudspeaker™ Appoints Keith Parke as National Sales Director 01/12/2017
James Loudspeaker Introduces the FXA Series Premium Angled Baffle Architectural Loudspeakers 12/20/2016
James Loudspeaker Selects Watershed Group as Manufacturer’s Rep for Eastern Canada 11/30/2016
James Loudspeaker Introduces the Omni Series Ultimate Landscape Speaker 11/29/2016
James Loudspeaker Introduces Modular Freestanding Indoor/Outdoor Home Theater Solution 11/16/2016
James Loudspeaker™ Introduces 63SA-7HO High-Output Small Aperture Architectural Speaker 08/04/2016
James Loudspeaker Appoints Ted Telesky Chief Marketing Officer 05/06/2016
James Loudspeaker™ Unveils W-Series Architectural Speakers for 3D Audio 01/21/2016
James Loudspeaker Offers Built-to-Match Sound Bars for Curved LCD Displays 12/17/2015
James Loudspeaker to Demo Premium Theater Featuring Auro 3D at 2015 CEDIA Booth #2805 in Dallas 10/11/2015
James Loudspeaker Expands Mavericks Lineup with MQ84/MQ84A 08/17/2015
James Loudspeaker™ Introduces Slim Profile Aluminum SLT3 SoundBar Series 06/08/2015
James Loudspeaker™ Appoints Independent Sales Representation for Indiana and Kentucky 05/04/2015
James Loudspeaker™ Broadens their Small Aperture Architectural Speaker Series with Ultra-Shallow Full Range Solution 04/22/2015